What is Vacuum Cleaners and how it works

Do you ever clean the carpets in your home using Vacuum Cleaners? of course, if you’re someone who loves the world of engineering then you will wonder why it can be sucked dust? how the mechanism of the Vacuum Cleaners machine? Before we discuss more about the working principle of the Vacuum Cleaners, how good it we must first know the definition of the vacuum itself.

When the Vacuum Cleaners is connected to the power supply electric current to operate the electric motor so that the fan is one with an electric motor shaft will also rotate. Rotating fan will force the air and dust particles sucked into the exhaust port through the intake port for the blades on the fan is designed to suck, this is quite different from the propeller blades on the fan that you normally use to cool your design to exhale. When air and dust particles are inhaled, the particle density will rise in front of the fan and decreases behind the fan because the air pressure. The Vacuum Cleaners pressure drop at the rear of the fan in the exhaust port will cause the difference in pressure between the outside air pressure with the exhaust port so that the air and the dust is inhaled because the pressure on the Vacuum Cleaners is lower than the outside air pressure.